MGM Las Vegas Condos for Sale

MGM Las Vegas

MGM Las Vegas is a luxurious condo complex situated next to MGM Grand, the largest resort hotel in the United States. As such, MGM offers unparalleled luxury across all of its units and on-site amenities. Signature at MGM Grand offers close access to amazing amenities including the MGM Grand Garden Arena and well-equipped fitness centers.

MGM Condos Las Vegas

MGM Condos Las Vegas

The MGM complex consists of three luxurious towers. Each tower packs a total of 38 floors with 576 units. Altogether, the complex features over 1500 units of pure luxury and modern design. It allows you to enjoy all the features of the MGM Grand complex while living in a much quieter and peaceful environment.

Amenities are really great at The Signature, each tower has it’s own pool and gym and on the property there is a dining place, lounge & Starbucks.
If you don’t want to, you can stay on the property without having to go to the MGM Grand.  One of the best benefits is access to the MGM Grand pool area which is one of the best pool areas on the strip.  It has the biggest pool complex and lazy river.
I slightly prefer the Mandalay’s beach pool complex.  Walking to the MGM is a bit of trek and you will sure get your foot steps in for the day.
Tons of options for MGM Grand area as far as restaurants.  I ate at other places off property, but you do have plenty of choices.  I did see KA the MGM which was a great show.” –

MGM Las Vegas – The Basics

The MGM condos Las Vegas is a modern condo hotel where the residents can choose to put their unit into the rental pool for specific periods of time. For instance, an owner of an MGM condo can choose to occupy their unit all year long or put it in a rental pool to make passive income while away from the complex.

MGM Condos Interior Design

MGM Condos Interior Design

In other words, the MGM condos for sale are a great investment opportunity, especially for those who travel a lot and plan to be away from the unit multiple times a year. What makes MGM such a popular choice when it comes to choosing condos in Las Vegas are all the amenities that surround it.

Being situated right next to the MGM Grand, this complex offers an array of amenities, both within its premises and outside them. Moreover, it is important to mention that this complex is a non-gaming and non-smoking community. Those who enjoy gambling in the city of Las Vegas can visit the MGM Grand Casino or any of the nearby gambling sites on the Strip.

Very nice pool areas that were relatively quiet compared to other pools that we have experienced in Las Vegas. Plenty of sun lounges and relaxing atmosphere.
Nice comfortable room with large jacuzzi bath. 5 minute walk to the strip.” Reviews

MGM Condo Features

The units in this non-smoking complex are exceptionally clean and modernly designed. It is important to mention that this complex doesn’t feature two bedroom suites. Instead, its floor plans include one bedroom suites, studios, and large penthouse units. The penthouse units start at the 30th floor and stretch across the eight top floors of each tower.

A great feature of the penthouse units are the 10 foot tall ceilings with large windows that provide plenty of natural light and amazing views of the Las Vegas Strip. The smaller units range in size from 520 square feet to well over 900 square feet. Each unit in the complex is fully furnished.

MGM Signature Condos

MGM Signature Condos

The complex itself features a variety of amenities, including relaxing lounges, private pools, restaurants, and fitness centers. The complex is secured 24/7 and even provides concierge services. The towers one and three feature fully equipped fitness centers, while the second tower has a spacious business center equipped with everything you need for work purposes.

MGM Fitness Center

MGM Fitness Center

Other amenities in the complex include:

  • modern entertainment centers

  • amazing views of the Las Vegas Valley

  • Close access to MGM Grand and all its facilities

  • private balconies (in some units)

  • granite counter tops

  • spa-like bathrooms with whirlpool tubs

  • two large fitness centers

  • one business center

MGM Signature Gym

MGM Signature Gym

Nearby Restaurants, Entertainment, and Amenities

The MGM condo complex is connected to the MGM Grand via short walkways, providing the residents close access to all MGM Grand amenities, including MGM Grand Spa, MGM Grand Casino, and world-class restaurants. The complex is known as the “Wet Republic” for its amazing pool amenities. It features five outdoor pools that stretch across a surface of 54 500 square feet.

This relaxing resort-style area includes a large saltwater pool and multiple smaller dipping pools. Besides close access to over 115 acres of amenities at the MGM Grand, the residents can easily access popular shopping centers, restaurants, and nightlife sites on the Strip. Some of the most popular restaurants in the area include Joel Robuchon French Restaurant, Wolfgang Puck and Grill Bar, and China Tang. 

The service is amazing and the food spectacular. Interesting and pleasingly delicious combinations of flavors.
We had the degustation menu with paired wines, it was wonderful. Highly recommended.”
TripAdvisor about the Joel Robuchon Restaurant

Food was amazing, would definitely recommend the meatloaf it is just delicious. Staff were really friendly and attentive. Maybe a little expensive for some but for a special occasion it is worth every cent.”
TripAdvisor about the Wolfgang Puck and Grill Bar

Service was excellent, food was fabulous, good range of ideas. Able to get a seat whilst waiting without a reservation. Lovely decor. A bit pricey but worth it.”
TripAdvisor about China Tang.

MGM Condos Outdoors

MGM Condos Outdoors

Why Choose MGM Las Vegas

Signature condos at MGM are situated in three luxurious high rise towers with 38 stories each, featuring fully furnished bedroom units with amazing amenities including flat-screen TV and room service. Signature residencies range from 500 square foot to over 900 square feet. Some of the greatest amenities in the area are the swimming pools that made this complex so memorable and recognizable.

The complex is located close to all MGM Grand amenities, as well as restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment venues on the Las Vegas Strip. The units within the complex are modernly designed and feature gourmet kitchens with spa-like bathrooms. Some units also feature private balconies with stunning views of the surrounding area and the Strip.

Overall, if you are interested in Las Vegas condos for sale, contact us for more information about the currently available real estate listings. Don’t forget that the MGM condo complex is also a great investment opportunity for those who travel a lot or plan to put the unit into the rental pool.

Very nice and big room with gimmicks like whirlpool and balcony (very seldom in Vegas) – Amazing strip view – More relaxed and not that hectic as it has no direct Casino access (MGM grant is accessible via 5 minutes indoor walk).” – Reviews