Las Vegas STRIP Condos for Sale

Las Vegas Strip Condos for Sale

The Las Vegas Strip is internationally known as one of the most amazing places to live in! This area offers an unmatched atmosphere and an active lifestyle in the middle of the desert. The Las Vegas Strip condos are located between hotels Tropicana and Sahara. Besides luxurious condominium complexes, the Strip is filled with world-class casinos, shopping malls, entertainment venues, and restaurants.

Las Vegas Strip – The Basics

Whether you’re looking for a place in the center of all activities or a quiet paradise away from the city buzz, you will find complexes on the Strip that offer the best of both worlds. This area stretches across 4.2 miles in length, featuring stunning complexes and artistic architecture styles. The best part about living in a Las Vegas Strip condo is the fact that you will enjoy amazing views wherever you turn to.

This amazing area has a long history that dates back to the early 20th century. The first casino ever built on the Las Vegas Strip was the Pair-o-Dice Club in 1931. The very first resort featured only 60 rooms, known as El Rancho Vegas built in 1941. Unfortunately, this resort was destroyed by a fire 20 years later but it started a trend that resulted in the spectacular Strip we have today!

The strip has everything. Be prepared to do a lot of walking. The strip is connected to a lot of casinos to make it easier to get to them.
It seems like it is always active and there are always people out on the strip. There is also a good amount of security which makes it a little safer. This is definitely a great vacation stop.”
– TripAdvisor about the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip Condos

The Las Vegas Strip offers thousands of condos situated in some of the world’s most luxurious resorts and residential complexes. The area is known for high-end architecture and design. Every condo on the Strip is equipped with the finest appliances and furnishings.

Las Vegas Strip condos offer everything you need for a luxurious lifestyle filled with fun and entertainment. Given that the condos are located in resort-style facilities, you will have close access to all the essential amenities including:

  • Fitness centers and private gyms
  • Indoor and outdoor pools
  • Assigned parking spots
  • Private theaters
  • Lounges
  • BBQ areas
  • Restaurants
  • Spa centers


The Benefits of Living at the Las Vegas Strip

Since there is no more room left to build high rise condos on the Las Vegas Strip, it is a good idea to invest in Las Vegas real estate right now, as these units are high in demand and sell very quickly. With so many complexes to choose from, you will find a variety of floor plans with great amenities and Strip views. There are numerous benefits to living on the Las Vegas Strip, besides the great investment opportunity. 

For instance, the residents of the Strip condos have close access to some of the finest amenities on the Las Vegas Blvd and Nevada in general. Most units are located only a walking distance away from the monorail, which is a 3.9 mile driverless transportation system on the Strip.

The monorail connects some of the most important casinos and Las Vegas hotels, including the MGM Grand, Veer Towers, and Sahara Las Vegas. This is a very simple and convenient way to commute around the Strip if you don’t feel like taking a walk.

Another benefit of living in this area is the fact that you’re always surrounded by entertainment. You will never get bored of living at the Strip because you will be located only a few minutes away from some of the most entertaining places in the United States.

Living at the Strip also gives you a lot of flexibility and variety in terms of amenities. Most complexes in the area are equipped with five-star resort-style amenities, which means you will have close access to gyms, pools, and spas.

Let’s not forget the amazing Las Vegas Nevada weather all year long. You will be able to enjoy summer a lot longer, since you won’t need your coats anymore. The weather in Las Vegas is always hot and sunny, allowing you to enjoy the area to the fullest. You don’t have to worry about the heat because you will be surrounded by dozens of luxurious pool areas.

Besides having amazing weather and all these amenities and high roller casinos nearby, the residents of Strip condos can enjoy hiking and sightseeing at some of the most amazing areas in Nevada, including the Red Rock Canyon, and the Springs Preserve. The Park MGM is also a great area for recreational and sports activities.

While I was in Vegas I took a side trip the Spring Preserve, where I got to explore the botanical garden, as well as the other exhibits along the trail.
It was easy to get to from the Strip and parking is free. Admission was reasonable. There are plenty of exhibits including a dinosaur exhibit. They also have inside exhibits to explore also.”
– TripAdvisor about the Springs Preserve

Wide open, peaceful place with gorgeous views. Utilized the park for a tour trip excursion my husband and I were on. However, we had the privilege to take a break and enjoy the area.
Seeing fossilized rocks and native carvings on rock walls. Hikers and climbers. You could spend hrs there.”
TripAdvisor about the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area

Why Choose a Luxury Strip Condo

Las Vegas is one of the safest cities in the United States, both because it has a very low crime rate and because it is rated as very safe from natural disasters. A luxurious Strip condo will allow you to either live at one of the most amazing places in the United States or own a very cool vacation home that you can come visit any time of the year and enjoy the hot summer weather.

The area offers close access to some of the most popular spots in the city, including the Fremont Street Experience and a variety of Vegas shows. Overall, investing in a condominium at the Las Vegas Strip is a good idea because these units are very high in demand and tend to sell out quickly.

Moreover, Strip condos are completely maintenance-free, which means you can leave the unit for a certain period of time without having to worry about any maintenance issues. You can also make some passive income by investing in a condo unit at a condo-hotel casino facility. If you’re looking for a Vegas condo on the Strip, contact us for more information about currently available listings.

The Strip for me felt like one of the hottest places to be in Vegas. Lots of gambling, food and drinks to be had. I literally started my day from side of the strip to the other and I can honestly say it was the best money spent on a trip. Don’t be afraid to eat!”
– TripAdvisor about the Las Vegas Strip